Buckleys residents beg  Health ministers Hamilton and Phipps to curb black smoke from hospital incinerator 


BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, May 24th 2017 – As healthcare in St. Kitts continues to deteriorate, an appeal has been made to the authorities to deal with the thick black smoke coming from the incinerator at the J. N. France General Hospital. 

Neighbours in the area have been complaining recently about the black smoke from the new incinerator installed in 2014 for the proper disposal of waste. The new incinerator was among several new equipment purchased and installed in the radiology, laboratory, Catscan, and dialysis units. 

It is understood that a part for the incinerator caught fire a few months ago and is still to be repaired. 

“Minister of Health (Eugene Hamilton), Senator of Health (Wendy Phipps), Ministry of Health (P.S ?) and J.N. France Hospital Authority (CMO; etc), when will the people of Buckley’s Estate get some relief,” asked Livingstone Huggins,on his FaceBook page. who hails from Buckley’s Estate, adjacent to the hospital. 

Huggins who posted photos of smoke coming from an incinerator said he and others had been talking and writing about the smoke from the incinerator in the hospital. 

“The lives of the people are important at all times, not just when election…do you’ll work. How would you feel if it was in your area?” asked Huggins. 

For the past several months, the sour relationship between Minister Hamilton and his junior minister have resulted in a deterioration of in proper healthcare service to the people. 

The Ministry of Health has been without several senior officers including a Permanent Secretary, Administrator of Health Institutions, and Principal Nursing Officer for nearly two years 

Photo 1 and 2 – smoke from the incinerator 

Photo 3 – The new incinerator installed in 2014

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