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Digicel Increase Prepaid Rates In St. Kitts and Nevis

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The Bigger Better Network, Digicel has increased Prepaid Rates effective November 4th, 2019.

While Digicel St. Kitts and Nevis hasn’t officially announced the rate changes, a service provider message was issued by the network indicating new plans would be forthcoming on the 4th of November.

Yesterday, (Monday 4th November) customers who were renewing their prepaid plans indicated that new rates had been implemented and that plans were revised.

Digicel’s LTE Freedom Bundles which are inclusive of data, minutes, text and free WhatsApp have increased accordingly:

The 30 Day plan has increased by $9.80, now $108.80. Previously it was advertised for $99.00.

The 14 day plan increased by $4.90, (from $29.00 to $43.90) and the 7 day plan increased by $4.00, from $29.00 to $33.00).

The 3 day plan and the 1 day plan had increases of $2.90, (from $19.00 to $21.90) and $1.40, (from $3.00 to $4.40) respectively.

The main features added to the revised plans are off-net minutes and off net text messages.

Efforts to contact Digicel about the increase proved futile as calls rang out.

Up to press time, nothing has been communicated via Digicel’s Social Media on the rates increase nor has the revised plans been advertised.

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