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Dominica records first positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19)

The first positive case of COVID-19 coronavirus has been recorded in Dominica.

Just moments ago, Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, Irving McIntyre, made the announcements in a media statement.

McIntyre said:

the patient is a 54-year-old Dominican citizen who recently returned to Dominica from the United Kingdom.

The individual was placed under home quarantine from the time of arrival and has been under surveillance by a medical team.

The minister added that the person is being treated in a special isolation unit and will remain there until recovery.

According to McIntyre, the Ministry of Health has in initiated contact tracing.

He said:

In accordance with public health practices, the ministry of health has initiated aggressive contact tracing to identify every individual who may have come into close contact with this patient. All individuals identified during contact tracing will be tested and placed under quarantine.

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