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A display of different types of mangoes

By: Staff Writer

On Sunday July 28 2019, an article featuring the island of Nevis, and more specifically, the islands’ wide variety of mango options was published in Fortune Media.

The article, “This Tiny Caribbean Island Grows 44 Kinds of Mangoes” was penned by Naomi Tomky and highlights Nevis’ variety of mangoes.

Featured in the travel section, Tomky says:

Something about the island’s climate and soil has led it to play host to thousands upon thousands of mango trees, sporting the indigenous Nano variety—fibrous and complex, with undertones of papaya—the much-coveted Amory Polly, favored by Nevisians for its sweetness, or some 42 other kinds of mango. But if you want to taste the fruits of this mango paradise, you’ve got to get there first.

The varying mango types are on display at the annual Nevis Mango Festival which is usually held early July.

Each of the island’s mangoes have a distinct flavor and texture. Some of the names of mangoes are: Amory Polly, Julie, Round-ball, Long Mango, Teeny, and Grafted mango.

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