Keith Arthurton launches Cricket Academy In Nevis


By: Staff Writer

Former Nevis, Leeward Island and West Indies middle order batsman, Keith Arthurton launched his Cricket Academy in Nevis last week Saturday, 3 November at a brief ceremony at the Elquemedo T. Willett Park.

Young cricketers aged between 6 to 15 will now be able to perfect their craft with the aid of Mr. Arthurton, (a former Nevis Captain) and his team.

Present at the launch were, Permanent Secretary in Education: Mr. Kevin Barrett, PS of Youth and Sports Mr. Keith Glasgow, Assistant Director of Sports: Brian Dowe, Pastor Ron Daniel and Nevis’ senior team captain, Adelvin Phillip.

The brief ceremony was chaired by sports officer, Mr. Kelvin Bramble and witnessed by supportive parents.

The initiative comes at the right time; as it is promoting togetherness. The academy should teach the children added values while teaching discipline and developing their leadership skills.

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‘It is not what you take but what you give that really matters:’

Keith Arthurton

Keith Arthurton has contributed significantly to the development of cricket in the Federation. His Cricket Academy in St. Kitts has paid dividends for the development of the game for St. Kitts as they have progressed to the #1 team in the Leeward Islands.

The Academy on St. Kitts also natured Nevis players as well. Often times they would journey over to engage their Kittitian counterparts. Taking it to a next level, Arthurton is doing what he has done for St. Kitts for the land of his birth, Nevis!!

With corporate sponsors like the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, the Ministry of Sports and others, Arthurton and his team continues to push the game of cricket in the Federation.

His experience, his connections and his desire to see our youths excel should see some gains with regards to equipment to advance the training for Nevis. In short order, the Nets at the ETW park will be upgraded.

If Nevis is to see more selectees to the Leeward Islands or West Indies Cricket Team, a stronger Nevis team and a stronger Leeward Islands Unit is a must.

Being the third of seven cricketers from Nevis to make the West Indies team, teaching the youngsters, organizing tournaments and just speaking to them has become the norm for Mr. Arthurton.

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