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Leon Natta-Nelson promises “People over Politics” in his quest to bring opportunities to each household in St Christopher 7


Sourced Information: Erasmus Williams

Ottley’s, St Kitts, June 23, 2019 – Leon Natta-Nelson, the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party candidate who will challenge the sitting parliamentary representative for St Christopher 7, said Saturday his theme “People over Politics” is about providing opportunities to each household in the area.

“My endeavours, my fight, my time, my efforts, my commitment is about the people. The people of Constituency 7 and beyond. Making life better, bringing opportunities to the household of C7 – People over Politics. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much politics we debate, it is the people that is affected by it,” said Leon Natta-Nelson in his first address minutes after he was officially introduced as the candidate to challenge the incumbent Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, the prime minister.

“Many will say, or some will say ‘Can he beat Tim.’ To that, I will always say, my focus is not on him or Tim or whoever PAM decides to run. My focus, my primary focus, is to build lasting relationships with you the people, that together we may become the future government that provide the opportunities to the people.

Opportunities that sustain the lives of our people, advance the lives of our people and make St Kitts and Nevis the number one growing country in the Caribbean and Latin America. That is my focus. That is my dialogue with the people in every home, in every village. That is my responsibility to the people of this great constituency,” said Natta-Nelson to wild cheers from the constituents.

Natta-Nelson made it clear that using fake FaceBook profiles to insult and spread propaganda is not his thing.
“Using family and close family friends to control the affairs of this country – that’s not my thing
Having my name or any of my colleagues name in international bribery scandals – that’s not my thing. Having no respect for the media, for the citizens, for civil servants and other parliamentarians – not my thing. Hating others and tearing down ordinary people – that is not my thing,” promised Natta-Nelson, who added that the people of Constituency 7 and other citizens deserve much better.”
“I say that not just for optics and the politics, but I say it as principled position on good governance that is needed in the affairs of this country.

Ministers of Government must always bear an obligation to be responsible, to be accountable and be respectful to the people,” said Natta-Nelson, reminding the jubilant crowd that at a meeting in St Paul’s earlier in the year, he articulated that “new ideas are coming, innovation is coming and new leadership is coming.”

“Today I want to say to you that it is here, the last piece the next Gen SKN Team that will transport all the constituencies. Representation with respect and care,” he added.

Pointing to his recent High Court victory on March 25th, 2019 when he that not only should he have a voice as a citizen of this country, but all civil servants should have a voice. “And so with the legal representation of Sylvester Anthony and Mrs Angelina Sookoo-Bobb and the decision of Justice Eddy Ventose we were able to end the give civil servants the democracy that protects them in the Constitution.

Returning to his plans for the Constituency, Natta-Nelson said the transformation of the constituency-wide landscape started there.

“We will install a new housing programme in this country where we shall continue where we left off by providing over 1,000 houses per term.

Since 1995, this last 5 years (2015 to 2020) will have seen the least number of government house ever been built in St. Kitts. To add to our housing scheme (I cant give it all away) we will ensure that our constituents are physically, psychologically and financially-empowered to own these homes. We will improve and expand the agriculture sector to the constituency bringing services closer to the largest farming areas in St. Kitts.

We will ensure that all our school, community centers and hurricane shelters are outfitted with stand-by generators so that our education is not interrupted during power failures. We will upgrade our sporting facilities to keep our youth occupied and out of mischief. We will ensure that our schools are properly maintained and technologically advanced so that our children are kept safe and secure and given the modern way of schooling. We will provide the necessary support to our youth so that they do not stray and become at-risk youths for some politician and his brother to try and miss use for their vote,” said Natta-Nelson.

An accountant by training, Natta-Nelson promised that the next GEN SKN Team will ensure that the women on the industrial sites are given every opportunity available in this country.

He told the gathering that the Next Gen SKN Labour Party leaders understands their story and will make the people of St. Kitts and Nevis their top priority.

“To do this however, we need your support, support in every constituency. To do this you will soon have to make a choice. A choice in particular in number 7, where you can choose to support a man who has been there since 1993, a man who have failed to bring opportunities to the people, a man who has demonstrated to you the people of C7 that his priority is he and his family.

Or you can make a choice, a choice supported by a principled decision that you will be able to build a relationship with this young man Leon Natta-Nelson. That Leon Natta-Nelson has demonstrated that he is more than willing, he is capable, committed, experienced, he’s fair, he’s innovative, he has that fortitude, he has that fight, he has that will to be your next parliamentary representative, to develop your communities, to provide opportunities for the people of this constituency,” said Nelson-Natta, concluding: “The best choice you could make is Leon Natta-Nelson for it will always be People over Politics.”

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