Minister Ian Patches Liburd accused of denying residents of Cayon, St. Peters and Shadwell adequate drinking water



Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 12, 2018 – The people of Cayon, St. Peter’s, Shadwell and surrounding areas are suffering due to the gross negligence of Minister of responsible for water, Hon. Ian Patches Liburd, who has been accused of denying residents of those areas access to drinking water.

Lennox Liburd, a staunch supporter of the Peoples Action Movement/Team Unity Government has accused the Hon. Ian Patches Liburd “of the unfortunate situation where residents in a number of areas suffer from an adequate supply of potable water.”

“It is wrong, it is wrong, it is wrong,” said Lennox Liburd on FaceBook two weeks ago in response to statements made by Minister Liburd on a radio programme that he hosts.

The New York-based Lennox Liburd said he was privy to every single piece of correspondence in relation to this water problem and accused Minister Ian Liburd of opening a can worms.

“The people must have water, water is life. Our people, your people do not care about who signed contract, when the contract was signed, if the Ocean Earth Technologies, a company that had conducted MER studies on the Basseterre aquifer in 2009 are superior to BEAD Technologies. You are servant of the people, the people need water and water you must give to them,” said Lennox Liburd.

Lennox Liburd noted that Minister Ian Patches Liburd had sent Sandy Nettles of Ocean Earth Technologies to represent the government and to inspect the work of his main competitor, Mr. Michael Miville of BEAD Technologies.

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“I know you are smarter than that, to expect BEAD Technology to turn over data to Ocean Earth Technologies. I have a concern and a conscience, this is why I speak. It is not right for Bead Technology to pass information that they spent so much money to accumulate to Sandy Nettles, that’s not right nor proper,” said Lennox Liburd, who accused Minister Ian Patches Liburd of instructing General Manager of the Water Department Denison Paul and his entire team not to have anything to do with Bead.

“At this moment the people just need water and more water,” said Lennox Liburd, who asked: “After three years (of the Team Unity Government) tell us if Sandy Nettles had found “wells with water and if yes why aren’t they connected to the St. Kitts Water System?”

Lennox Liburd said he is aware as a fact that Bead found water in Shadwell and Old Road “waiting on you to approve connection.”

“For whatever the reason or reasons, the Water Department had not been able to hook into the system. Sad, really sad. Again in the mean time the people suffer. Water is in Cayon. Did Sandy Nettles the expert report that to you? The people in Upper Cayon, sometimes for two days are out of water, while water is sitting and begging Sandy Nettles to find it so that the people in Upper Cayon could feel like those citizens in Newtown and Frigate Bay. Water is in Tabernacle as well, did Sandy Nettles mentioned that to you?,” asked Lennox Liburd, who added; “Ian Patches Liburd, it appears that you’ll be better serve having Mr. Michael Miville as your water expert and terminate the services of Sandy Net.

Photo 1 – Mr. Lennox Liburd

Photo 2 – Hon. Ian Patches Liburd

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