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Nevis Reformation Party Launches Election Campaign

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By: T. Chapman

The Visionary Team, the Nevis Reformation Party launched its official campaign at party headquarters for the upcoming general elections virtually via their facebook handle through a live-streaming event last night, (Friday 22 May, 2020).

Endorsed by members of the youth arm, acting leader, Dr. Kelvin Daly, Patrice Nisbett and Bjorn Hanley shared their plans to a virtual audience as they seek to be elected members in the National Assembly in St. Kitts.

With the aim of restoring Nevis to its rightful place as the ‘Queen’ of the Caribbean, Dr. Kelvin Daly will be contesting constituency #10, St. John’s and St. Paul’s against incumbent Mark Brantley of the Concerned Citizens Movement.

Confident that his team can transform this country, Daly proposed a $40 million Bath Community ReDevelopment project.

The project involves rent to own housing as well as Business Incubators – Units which will be available free of cost for four years to persons so that they can venture into business.

Introduced and endorsed by his mother, newcomer Bjorn Hanley announced his candidacy for the upcoming parliamentary elections for Nevis 10, St George. He stated that he has put himself foward because he sees great potential in Gingerland.

Hanley said:

I believe and I know I can make a difference. I will provide Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. I want to humbly serve you the good people of Gingerland. Vote Bjorn Hanley, for strong leadership you can trust.

Bjorn Hanley is the owner of BHC Media.

Contesting the Federal seat of Nevis 11, St. James and St.Thomas’, Patrice Nisbett gave his commitment to Ann Bussue and the Nevisian people that he will give the same vigour he served with in the last 20 years. During his tenure in the Federal Parliament, Nisbett served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Immigration, Labour, Justice and Legal Affairs and worked in unison with the St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party to increase minimum wage to $360, established the long service gratuity for workers and secured laptops for Nevisian students.

According to Nisbett when one speaks about bread and butter issues, the NRP has been in the vanguard of ensuring that they improve the terms and conditions of work and decent pay for decent work.

Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party, Robelto Hector joined via zoom briefly and welcomed the new candidate, Bjorn Hanely. He urged viewers to support the Nevis Reformation Party in the upcoming poll.

Hector also urged citizens and residents to stay safe and observe all the necessary regulations.

The launch was chaired by Hon. Cleone Stapleton Simmonds, area representative for St. Thomas’.

While she echoed the ideas expressed, Stapleton Simmonds emphasized:

We are ready to listen, we are ready to serve. We are ready to work. Continue to support the Nevis Reformation Party. We have a track record.

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