NRP proposing the creation of a Cannabis Licensing Authority to issue licenses and permits for Ganja use


Published: Thursday 24th August, 2017

By: T. J. Chapman 

Charlestown, Nevis, (SKN PULSE) – The Nevis Reformation Party is gaining traction with their prosposed plan of decriminalization of marijuana.  

Earlier this year, they were the first plitical party to advance the dicussion on the decrimalization of Marijuana, one of its key election campaign promises. With the Nevis local Election just months away, the Nevis Refomation Party is in overdrive as they have communicated through local radio some proposed guidelines which includes the creation of a Cannabis Licensing Authority.   

The purpose of the proposed Cannabis Licensing Authority will be to regulate and issue licenses and permits for the use of Ganja. As communicated via Issues by the NRP representatives, the proposed Cannabis Licensing Authority will be made up of representatives from government and non-government groups.

The key guidelines that were outlined by panelists Daly and Daniel on Freedom’s popular program “Issues” were as follows:  

1 – Persons over 18 will be allowed to legally possession up to 2 ounces for recreational use.

2 – Police can issue a ticket to someone caught with more than 2 ounces similar to a traffic ticket of no more than $100 which they have to pay in 30 days.

3 – Persons under 18 caught with 2 ounces or less will be referred to police or social services for counseling.

4 – Persons who will be using it for religious, medical or scientific research purposes are allowed to have more than 2 ounces but there will be an upper limit set.

5 – Smoking in public places like schools, workplace, hospitals etc will be restricted and if someone is caught they will be ticketed and charged up to $500.

6 – Businesses will have to register to allow customers to smoke.

7 – Rastafarians will be allowed to have any amount if its being used as a religious sacrament.

8 – Each household will be allowed to legally grow up to 5 Marijuana plants.

9 – Person will be allowed to apply to own marijuana dispensaries to legally sell marijuana which will have a 10% sales tax.


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