Second pier for Sea Taxi operators, Browne questions location of second pier at Mosquito Bay

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​Published: Wednesday 19th April, 2017

By: T. J. Chapman

Charlestown, Nevis (SKN PULSE) – Candidate for the Nevis Refomation Party in St. James, Mr. Virgil Browne during a recent press conference dubbed “No Confidence in the Concerned Citizens Movement”, addressed the issues concerning the second pier that is to be built 50 feet away from the Oualie Beach Resort pier.

(Photo Caption: Section of the house purchased by the government to build second pier to facilitate Park Hyatt workers)

Sea taxi operators need space, Browne admitted that the present operations at Oualie might be cumbersome and challenging at times. However, he asked, “Is this the best place to put the pier?”

Browne sought to elicit how the $5 million dollar pier would change the aesthics of the beach when there is no EIA – Environmental Impact Assesment. According to the information presented, $3.8 million EC dollars, (1.4 million US dollars) have been expended thus far to purchase the Blue house property but there hasn’t been any dialogue with the Nevisian people.

(Photo Caption: Section of Mosquito Bay)

“This area is very shallow”, said Browne: He went further to ask, “How would they go about dealing with such a pier?”, Will the pier be a bit longer?, “Would the government make money from it?”, “Would the government dredge the area?”

“The beach which is used by families, church groups and kids would now be eroded if constructed”, said Browne. 

(Photo Caption: Frontal view of Oualie Beach Resort Pier)
Browne said, ” they cannot destroy the only beach families have left”.

According to Browne, the Concerned Citizens Movement led NIA has had a horrendous experience in building piers on Nevis.  For example, the long point pier was constructed to host cruise ships but ended up being too shallow. 

“There must be a pier”, Browne insists, but ‘the Government should keep the Mosquito Bay area for all swimmers to enjoy.’

The two alternative locations put forth by Browne were, upperside Oualie closer to the Gin Trap Restaurant and Tamarind cove, (close to the Sea Bridge). Browne said, “those locations are ideal because they are seldom used for swimming purposes”.

(Photo Caption: Friday night fish fry at the fishing village of Anse La Raye, St. Lucia)

Browne would like to put the pier in Newcastle, just North of the Vance Amory International Airport. His vision includes, having a storage area for fishermen. He intends to build up the area to attract tourist by having a Boardwalk to the Nisbett Plantation via the mangroves. Additionally, to enhance the Nevisian experience, Browne intends to create a fishing village where both local and foreigners alike could enjoy a nice seafood meal, (Fish Fry).

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