Severance Packages For Lutron Employees


By: Tito Chapman

Minister of Labour, Vance Amory confirmed claims by the opposition, St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party that Lutron Liamigua will close its operations in March of 2019.

In a televised address aired at 8 p.m on the state owned ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation, Amory informed the nation that a severance package has been agreed upon for all employees.

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According to Mr. Amory, the company has agreed to a severance package for all its employees with the majority taking home 17 week’s pay inclusive of severance. Longer serving employees will take home as much as 100 weeks pay.

The compensation package from Lutron will see more than half of the workers, some 50 employees, receiving the equivalent of 104 weeks pay, that is inclusive of severance as well, 4 persons will receive compensation equivalent of 94 weeks pay, one person will receive the equivalent of 91 weeks pay, another 4 workers will receive 87 weeks, 4 will receive 79 weeks pay, 4 will receive 75 weeks pay, 2 will receive 71 weeks pay and three will receive the equivalent 56 weeks pay. The difference in payment or the amount which shall be received is as a result of years of service which each category of workers has given.

For in excess of 30 years the company manufactured electronic components at its factory located at the C.A. Paul Southwell industrial site for export to the United States market.

However, come March 2019, scores of women would have to find alternative work.

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