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Shooting Incident Update: Four injured in shooting incident in Basseterre

Photo Caption: (Sourced Photo indicating a shooting occurred)


By: Contributing Editor

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 14, 2018 – Four persons were injured when gunfire broke out in downtown, Basseterre Saturday night.

According to a reliable source, three of the four received gunshot wounds while the fourth fell and was injured in an attempt to escape the hail of bullets.

Gail Williams was grazed by a bullet. Javed Rouse and Kirk Hobson received injuries to their torso while Dwayne Archibald sustained injury when he fell as he tried to escape the hail of bullets.

The source says the injuries appear to be non life threatening.

The shooting incident occurred on Westbourne Ghaut, two streets from Government Headquarters in Basseterre.

There was no immediate information of the number of gunmen involved.

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