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On 4 March 2017 at about 1:00am while members of the St Kitts Nevis Defence Force (SKNDF) were on routine security patrol in Sandy Point, they received information that four (4) gun shots were fired near Jacquilin Buchanan home in Saho Village Project, Sandy Point. The SKNDF patrol immediately responded to the report and proceeded to Saho Village Project. On arrival at Saho, the soldiers slowly and tactfully patrolled Saho, and specifically in the vicinity of Jacquilin Buchanan’s home where two youn men were seen systematically fleeing the area upon noticing the presence of the soldiers while another was sighted standing calmly on a piece of galvanize sheet approximately 100 meters from Jacquilin’s home.

The SKNDF patrol approached the young man who gave his name as Hakeim Mills, he was asked to step off the galvanize sheet next to a chained ferocious dog for a quick frisk search. Hakeim cooperated with the soldiers, a quick search or the immediate surrounding was also conducted and upon lifting the galvanize sheet on which Hakeim was standing, a shinny object was noticed directly beneath the spot where Hakeim was standing. A close examination of the shinny object revealed it to be weapon, a Rouger 45mm pistol.

The soldiers immediately called the police and reported their finds. The police crime scene team was dispatched to Saho. Upon arrival of the Police Crime Scene Team, Hakeim was handed over and the weapon location was revealed to the police officers. The chained pit bull was noisy and charged at the officers at each attempt to get to close to the discovered weapon beneath the galvanized sheet, hence it was exterminated with a single gunshot. The Rouger 45mm pistol was recovered with a magazine containing three rounds of .45mm ammunition and one .45mm round was chambered in the weapon.

Consequently, search warrants were executed at the dwelling homes of Hakeim Mills, and his associates who earlier fled the scene, Dequan Richards and Terrance Francis. A substantial quantity of green vegetable substance suspected to be marijuana was found in zip lock bags and a number of dime bags also a large quantity of seeds was also removed from Francis home during the searches. The three individuals were taken into police custody for due process of investigation.

The St Kitts Nevis Defence Force through its actions consistently reiterates its commitment to take the fight to criminals in effort to make our country safer. We remain resolute in our mandate to professionalism, accountability, commitment to duty and support of the local law enforcement. We urge members of the communities to cooperate with the security forces in their relentless effort to curb crime in the Federation.

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