Successful Pick 4 Player Has a Winning Mindset


Caribbean Lottery: A view of the Caribbean Lottery Office in St. Kitts where L.B. bought the winning Pick 4 jackpot ticket.

Basseterre, St. Kitts – May 15, 2019: “L.B.” is happy and confident, as the winner of $10,000 in the Pick 4 jackpot.
“I always believe I am going to win,” said L.B. “I feel it in my spirit. It’s in me!” If he feels he is on a winning streak, he will play every day, buying his tickets at different locations.

“I don’t usually buy at one location,” said the Pick 4 winner. “I buy from at least 3 or 4 outlets.” However, most of his lucky tickets have been bought either at Island Flavour or, as in this case, at the Caribbean Lottery Office in St. Kitts.

The 60-year-old L.B. works in the Security Department at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) in Basseterre. He is a veteran of Caribbean Lottery games, having started to play when it first opened in 1996. “A friend introduced me to Caribbean Lottery when I was working at the Shell gas station,” he said. Since then, he has won a few times. “Anything over $4,000 is memorable,” observed L.B.

The Pick 4 winner does not give away much of his strategy, but says he does not regularly play the same numbers over and over. Pick 4 is his favourite game, but he sometimes plays the Lotto and Lucky Pick games. He confesses that he sometimes feels like giving up: “I have felt discouraged many times to stop. But I keep thinking to myself I could be missing out!”

And, as an experienced player, L.B. has this advice to others: “Better continue playing!”



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