Trending: Australian Olympic legend issues apology after using racial slur to describe SKN Volleyball Duo

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Photo Caption: Volleyball players St. Clair Hodge and Shawn Seabrookes representing St. Kitts and Nevis at the 2018 Commonwealth Games

By: T. Chapman

SKN PULSE – A Public outcry forced Australian Olympic legend Kerri Pottharst to issue an unreserved apology after making an offensive comment during Channel 7’s broadcast of the Commonwealth Games.

The comment came when host Australia faced off against team St. Kitts and Nevis in a Volleyball encounter. St. Kitts and Nevis was represented by St. Clair Hodge and Shawn Seabrookes.

The beach volleyball gold medal winner from Sydney 2000 stated during the match that player(s) from St. Kitts and Nevis looked like “human lamingtons covered in sand”.

Photo Caption: Volleyball commentator, Pottharst and Australia and St. Kitts and Nevis Players, (Sourced Photo)

Pottharst’s comments about St Kitts and Nevis duo St Clair Hodge and Shawn Seabrookes caused the broadcaster channel 7 to be slammed on Twitter and Facebook.

According to the comments were as follows:

“The commentator just said the dark skin from the player mixed with sand made him look like a human lamington GET THAT WOMAN OFF THE AIR,” one viewer posted on Twitter.

“Your commentator called a volleyball player a HUMAN LAMINGTON. Seriously?!?!” wrote another.

“Appalling commentary: “Human lamington” used by Channel 7 commentator for a St Kitts and Nevis beach volleyball player.”

Pottharst issued this apology:

“Today at the Commonwealth Games beach volleyball, I made a comment I unreservedly apologise for and sincerely regret,” she said.

“It was 100 percent not meant to offend.”

Australia won the match in straight sets, 21-3, 21-10.

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