Trending: Ribbon-wrapped Coffin with dead bird left at Trinidad courthouse


The black coffin discovered outside the Port of Spain Magistrate Court early yesterday morning with a dead bird on it and wrapped with a red ribbon.

By: Staff Writer

A black coffin discovered outside the Port of Spain court yesterday created concern. On the coffin was a dead bird wrapped in a ribbon.

As per information disseminated by Newsday, COURT and Process police are reviewing CCTV footage. This they said is in an effort to locate the person who left the severed head of a chicken which was tied to a small black coffin which was found outside the entrance gate to the Port of Spain Magistrate’s Court earlier this morning.

According to a police source, the items were found at 6 am by officers as they were opening the gates of the court. Officers said while security guards were hesitant to remove the items, it was eventually scooped up and placed in a garbage bag which was quickly thrown in a dumpster.

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According to a magistrate at the court, the person who placed the items at the court could be charged for defacing the court or at the very least, littering, (Newsday).

The magistrate said the challenge would be to determine the person’s intention in placing the items in front of the court.

One court officer said the items were placed in the area where a fight erupted between two women and a police prosecutor last week.

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