Tropical Beryl forecast to become a Hurricane but not expected to threaten land

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By: Tito Chapman

Tropical Storm Beryl continues to intensify and could become a hurricane in the next two days. If it becomes a hurricane, it is not expected to threaten land.

At 5 p.m., the National Hurricane Center forecasters said the storm was located less than 1,300 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. According to the report, it had sustained winds of 50 mph. With the latest forecast, Beryl should become a hurricane by Friday or Saturday, but should get shredded by strong wind shear before it reaches the islands, forecasters said.

Beryl is moving west at about 16 mph and is forecast to stay east of the islands until Sunday. Storm force winds extend just 35 miles from the storm’s center. However, forecasters were less certain about just how much the storm could strengthen.

Forecasters have indicated that over the next 36 hours, wind shear that could prevent intensification is expected to remain low. If this materializes, that could allow the compact storm to quickly spin into a more fierce system. As a result, it speeds up on a westward track, but then it’s expected to encounter upper winds that knock it back down.

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