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Unknown illness prompt classroom evacuations at CPS

By: Staff Writer

Earlier this morning, students from the infant block of the Charlestown Primary School were evacuated due to health concerns. There have been complaints of Mold, Bat and Rat Droppings at the establishment.

A teacher and student(s) fell ill sometime between 10 a.m. and noon today which raised an alarm; symptoms included, difficulty breathing, spitting blood and swollen eyes.

The school has been dealing with various teachers falling ill and missing from duty for short periods due to health issues resulting from their work environment.

In response, classes were evacuated and the entire infant block shut down. Teachers relocated students in an effort to prevent other teachers and students from falling ill.

According to an anonymous source, the issues at present date back to 2019.

As a result, classes have been relocated to the cafeteria and the school’s staff room. 

An emergency meeting was held sometime after 11 o’clock at the school with top Education officials to remedy the issues.

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