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Vocational Classes To Be Offered To Incarcerated Inmates At HMP

Advanced Vocational Education Center (AVEC).

By: Tito Chapman

Prisoners at Her Majesty’s Prison will soon be allowed to take classes at the Advanced Vocational Education Centre, (AVEC).

The recently appointed Commissioner of Prisons, Terrance James indicated that starting late September, residents would be allowed to take classes in three disciplines at AVEC.

The disciplines are: Automotive Repair, Welding and General Construction.

Commissioner James expressed that while he has already dialogued with the Director of AVEC, details are still being worked out.

According to James, he has been assured that later this month, with the opening of the new school term, Her Majesty’s Prison would be offered three disciplines.

Prison officials are already trying to get the inmates interested in these disciplines areas to start the classes later this month.

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