In The Know: UK’s future skills-based immigration system

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The United Kingdom has published a White Paper which proposes that from 2021 UK Immigration Rules will apply to EU and non-EU migrants alike in a single immigration system which selects people on the basis of their skills and talent as opposed to their nationality.

The future system will signal the following:

▪ The introduction of an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme similar to the scheme operating in the USA

▪ An improved system for business making greater use of technology. Applications will be online and permissions will be granted electronically. A lighter touch sponsorship route will be introduced.

▪ Greater use of e-gates for low risk travelers

▪ Greater access for global talent such as top international scientists and start-up companies

▪ New entry routes for temporary short-term workers

▪ No limit for international students and an extended visa period after graduation

▪ Improved compliance system making better use of data and technology

▪ Continuing support for family life and vulnerable persons

▪ The Common Travel Area allowing travel between the UK, Ireland and the CrownDependencies will continue

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