Ital Creations and Four Kittitian Restaurants Featured By Forbes Media

By: Staff Writer

Ital Creations, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant along with four other establishments in St. Kitts were featured in an article entitled “Delectable and Chill Culinary Options in St. Kitts” by Forbes Media LLC.

The article which was posted on Sunday 9 February also featured: Salt Plage, Mangoland Cafe, The Pavilion Beach Club and The Farm Table at Belmonte Estate.

The article stated that:

St. Kitts is home to myriad restaurants, ranging from an informal roadside eatery offering a menu centered on tasty vegan fare to a stellar waterfront dining establishment set beside a meticulously landscaped garden.

Written by Jeanine Barone, a contributor to Forbes, the feature highlighted the various meals offered at each restaurant.

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