Source: St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party

On February 1, 2021 in the Private Criminal case over the 2020 General Elections brought by Dr Terrance Drew the rightful Representative of Constituency #8 against Eugene Hamilton, arguments were heard by Magistrate Fitzroy Eddy on why he should recuse himself from this matter. QC Delano Bart appeared with Vadeesha John for Dr Drew while Natasha Grey deputized for the ultra-expensive, Government go-to lawyer, Mendez, who could not attend for obvious reasons.

Dr Drew’s Counsels made the simple argument that Magistrate Eddy is automatically disqualified from presiding over the matter. The substance of their argument was that His Honour Fitzroy Eddy either cannot or cannot be seen to be fair in this matter since he had been canvassed by at least one of the parties appearing before him seeking his support in the elections, which these two cases of bribery and treating now relate.

Furthermore, His Honour Fitzroy Eddy is a longstanding and well-known member of the People’s Action Movement and may have voted for Eugene Hamilton. Even more, Magistrate Eddy’s appointment to the Magistracy was made in breach of the law; having come without any advertisement of the vacancy or an opportunity for any other candidate to be considered or interviewed in much the same manner as the Prime Minister’s sister was appointed.

In the face of these glaring reasons, Magistrate Eddy heard arguments for hours and has brazenly adjourned the matter until next week Monday, February 8, 2021 for his decision, instead of volunteering to remove himself. The SKNLP is confident that so long as fairness reigns these allegations against the member for Parliament for Constituency #8, will be proven and he will have to vacate the seat.

Comrades all, of the St Kitts Nevis Labour Party, citizens of our fair land, living at home or abroad we invite you to come on this steady march with the SKNLP and Dr Drew as we fight to restore democracy in our Country.

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