Network via social media

By: Tito Chapman, (Content Creator)

Make your down time count – Show you care: Like, Respond and Comment!!

With the current lockdown, this is the perfect time to Network, respond to all of your inbox messages and comments under your posts.

Remaining socially visible online is very important. It shows that as a business you care. By caring, it draws attention by attracting potential customers and influencers to your brand.

As a rule of thumb, you nor your team members should ever be too busy to connect with those people who keep you in business. Always acknowledge individuals when they tag you or your company in a post. Customers will help to boost your likeability once you acknowledge, thank or reward them.

With a few loyal customers your bound to gain more with small but good deeds.

If you are too busy for social media, consider organizing virtual sessions. Stay in touch with existing clients. Utilise Zoom and have conferences.

Remember, staying in touch especially in a time like this, to connect with a fan, follower or colleague can yield a return more significant than you’d expect.

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