NRP To Launch Jaedee Caines as Candidate for Nevis 1

PRESS RELEASE (April 09, 2021) — Communications Specialist and Media Personality, Ms. Jaedee Caines, will be officially presented as the Nevis Reformation Party’s (NRP) new candidate for Nevis 1 (St. Paul’s) on Saturday, April 10, 2021, at the Villa Grounds in Charlestown at 6:00 p.m.

Ms. Caines spoke about the highly anticipated launch during her appearance on the popular talk show “Tell Me” on 2020 Vision Radio on Thursday, April 08.

“It’s going to be an exciting event. We want to go along with what the COVID-19 Task Force has recommended so come early, and I am asking everybody to wear their face masks,” Ms. Caines said while emphasizing that “It’s different because it is a drive-in launch. You can drive on to the compound and you can look at the launch from the comfort of your vehicle. Persons may say what if I don’t drive? We are accommodating you as well.”

“What attracted you to politics and why now?” was the question posed to Ms. Caines who said “this drive and passion, and the fact that my heart is in the right place, I felt that that was enough to motivate me to make this decision,” adding that “my teachers in primary and secondary school would say this probably doesn’t come at any surprise to them primarily because I was always somebody who was forthright, outspoken, somebody who stood for what was right, somebody who was not afraid to challenge the status quo, somebody who spoke up on behalf of persons who had a voice but were afraid to use that voice.”

The Communications Specialist spoke about why she decided to join the NRP as a political candidate.

“Even though I was surrounded by this lot of support for the NRP, I was able to compare and contrast, and very early I recognized that the Nevis Reformation Party stood for a lot of things that go with what I am about, and so right away, I naturally gravitated to the party”.

With more than 2,000 views, 553 comments, and nearly 60 shares, the former media personality and host of the popular “Candid” talk show said “I look at what is happening or not happening in Nevis, and just looking on, I realize we can do more and Nevis deserves more. It’s not a matter of bashing the current administration to say these are all the things they did wrong, even though there are many, for me, it’s about ‘are we living up to our truest potential?’, ‘are we getting all that we can possibly get?’, ‘does it look like we have a plan for the future?’ and I said I can’t be like others and sit on the sidelines and say we need a change.”

Supporters and friends of the NRP showered Ms. Caines with high words of commendation for making a move into the political arena. “…this young lady is gonna bring about much change.”, “I must commend Jaedee for making this bold step. She is dedicated, committed, and hardworking.”, “Jaedee for St. Paul’s!. Yes, straight to parliament we are sending Jaedee. Vote NRP.”

The Nevis Island Assembly elections are constitutionally due in 2022. The NRP, over the coming weeks, will be rolling out its slate of candidates for the upcoming local elections.

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