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The Nevis Reformation Party will officially launch Veterinarian & Social Commentator Dr Patricia Bartlette of Brown Hill as the new candidate for St John’s, (Nevis 2) on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at the Brown Hill Sporting Complex.

The event commences at 7:00 pm. For the first 100 persons, a special gift will be presented.

Prior to entering the political arena, Dr Patricia Bartlette served as the Chief Veterinarian Officer on Nevis.

Dr Bartlette, who was featured on ‘Tell Me’ last night echoed the sentiment that a good change is coming.

The main problem she has with the current administration is that they aren’t allowing Nevisians to live in dignity.

They have no respect for the fact that other people on this island who ‘born ya’ ought to have the same right to live in dignity as they have. They want to have two salaries, but because you have a little megre salary that government gives you and they allow you a little private practice to give a little thing to top it up, your not suppose to get that. They begrudge you that…

Dr. P Bartlette

It’s high time we have a change!! All of us should be able to live in dignity in Nevis.

Dr Patricia Bartlette

Last month, NRP started their candidate roll out with the launch of Jaedee Caines, the candidate for St Paul’s Parish, Nevis 1.

The Nevis local elections is constitutionally due in 2022.

In the last local election, the Nevis Reformation Party secured only (1) of the 5 seats while the Concerned Citizens Movement secured (4) seats.

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