Persistence pays big for 2 Lucky ladies with Pick 4!

Winning Combination!The 2 lucky locations for the recent Pick 4 wins of $8,666 each for C.S. and N.F.

Basseterre, St. Kitts – August 12, 2020:  N.F and C.S. both avid and persistent Caribbean Lottery players for many years, are now happily celebratingtheir recent Pick 4 wins of $ 8,666.00 each.

“I always felt that I would win big from the first moment I began playing with the Caribbean Lottery”, stated a beaming N.F. when she collected her prize.  Before purchasing her winning ticket from Indo Carib Shop #2, N.F. carefully chose her numbers by mixing the date of birth and ages of herfamily members.

“We were talking about birthdays and I felt so confident I decided to do a $4 bet.  Over the years I’ve won $ 8,000.  I would bet higher instead of playing more numbers. I’m making sure that I take every opportunity to win” N.F. revealed.

C.S. a mother of three, has also faithfully played the Pick 4 game since its inception and has been hooked ever since. “I visit the Lottery office daily because I enjoy the atmosphere,  I enjoy playing the games, the numbers and trying to figure out the next draws” C.S. quietly mentioned.  For her winning combination C.S. chose her son’s birth year.  “I had a strong feeling this number would have played because it hasn’t played in a while and I was confident it must play soon.”

Ms. Sabina Harrinarain, Office Manager of the Caribbean Lottery expressed best wishes and successto the winners whilst handing over their winning cheques, “We at Caribbean Lottery share in the happiness of all our winners, and commend N.F. and C.S. for their continued determination in playing our Pick 4 game over the years.  Their persistence has paid off and we expect to see even bigger wins for them in the future.”

Both ladies have made it known that Pick 4 is their favourite game.  “I don’t even know why I prefer this game but I just like it and will continue to play, exclaimed N.F.  Even though sometimes it feels like this game don’t like me, you can’t win unless you try.”  She also stated that she will use her winnings to help her mom and family.

C.S. also confirmed that this is the game she enjoysplaying the most, “I always choose number combinations that I like whether it is birthdays, phone numbers, the possibility is endless.”  For now she isn’t sure what she will do with her winnings, “I found out I won when I went on the website and I said ‘yes that’s it’.
I would love to go on a cruise but due to the COVID-19 situation that does not seem likely right now.”

Despite the uncertainty, both ladies provided their winning advice to other players: “Continue to play – You have to be in it to win it.”


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