Profile Photos, Most viewed Social Element

By: Tito Chapman

Change is always good when it comes to your social media handles – Profile Photos and Banners are considered as the most viewed social elements, as such providing a different look is necessary.

Undertaking a different look by posting new Facebook profile photos and banners not only keeps the page up to date, it alerts clients and potential customers that your available to respond to queries.

As a business, having banners and profile photos incorporated into your social setup affords you the opportunity to highlight your work or services. Its gives a potential viewer an idea of what your page is about without delving too deep into it.

Adopting the use of Canva and Adobe Spark makes your work much more easier. With various templates available for different business categories, creating a graphic for a specific occasion is simple.

To stay relevant, a business must have a Social Media Strategy. Once in place, your efforts will payoff.

For the purposes of Facebook, we recommend changing up your cover photo at least once per month.

For all platforms, always remember to use a great caption to sell your photo or graphic.

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