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Photo Caption: Chief Executive Officer and Founder of TALENT+, Ms. Camara Lee

PRESS RELEASE (June 26th, 2020) — With an aim to recruit, develop and transform, a new Recruitment and Human Resource Support Business, TALENT+, was launched on Thursday evening (June 25) in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Founded by Nevisian entrepreneur Ms. Camara Lee, TALENT+ seeks to elevate the personal brand of candidates, match their talents with the right opportunities, and unlock the long-term value of business clients, through streamlined recruitment and strategic Human Resource Management.

The 45-minute launch was streamed via social media platforms YouTube and Facebook, much to the delight of interested parties. It featured endorsements from well-known entrepreneurs, Mr. Val Henry and Mr. Faron Lawrence as well as senior government official, Mr. Brian Dyer.

Photo Caption: Entrepreneur Mr. Val Henry

“It will serve a great need,” said Henry, as he stressed the importance of ensuring that employees are effectively prepared for jobs. Lawrence, on the other hand, spoke of the potential impact that TALENT+ can have on businesses in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Photo Caption: Entrepreneur Mr. Faron Lawrence

“Some of us, we are too small to have a full-time (Human Resource) department and for it be practical, financially. The truth is, this service is something that I’ve seen in the US going back many years. Clearly, our time has come in St. Kitts and Nevis. We are more busy. People are expecting more from us. We don’t have time to take on a lot of these functions and so, I want to actually commend TALENT+ for even recognizing the value such services could bring to small businesses like mine and others in St. Kitts and Nevis, where we can just have one less thing to worry about,” Lawrence explained.

The virtual launch was punctuated with giveaways and live viewer feedback.

Photo Caption: Director of the Nevis Disaster Management Department, Ms. Brian Dyer

Dyer, in his capacity as Director of the Nevis Disaster Management Department, spoke positively of his interaction with Ms. Lee, who had previously provided training to his staff. According to Dyer, “it was a breath of fresh air. We saw someone who could really deliver, someone with vision, someone who was passionate, someone who understands the government service.”

In her presentation, Ms. Lee reflected on the decision to launch TALENT+. She revealed that although the idea of TALENT+ was conceived five years ago, she did not begin to vigorously push it until April of this year. She noted that the global Coronavirus pandemic caused her to think seriously about launching the company.

Photo Caption: TALENT+ logo

“Given the global pandemic, I realized that several persons were being laid off from their jobs and I asked myself, what can I do to help these individuals to prepare themselves for when employers are ready to rehire. How can we turn this time of adversity into opportunity? And so, I started to nurture my idea. I decided that it is time, time to launch TALENT+,” Lee explained.

The suite of business services offered by TALENT+ are categorized as Recruitment and Talent Acquisition, Training and Development and Human Resource Support. These include, but are not limited to, vacancy advertising, employment reference checks, psychometric testing, policy drafting and performance management. The services available for individual clients are job search assistance,  résumé booster, interview preparation and career advice.

For more information on TALENT+, persons can visit the website at  


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