Rohan Isles is NRP’s New Candidate for Gingerland

PRESS RELEASE (May 17, 2021) — Mr. Rohan Micheal Isles, a renowned sports commentator and a past teacher of 15 years, was officially presented as the Nevis Reformation Party’s (NRP) newest candidate to contest the Nevis 3 (St. George’s) seat in the upcoming Nevis Island Assembly elections constitutionally due for 2022.

The launch, carried live on radio and virtually attended by more than six thousand people in the diaspora, was dubbed as another high energy and exciting candidacy launch by the NRP as many supporters, friends, and well-wishers decked in the party’s color, green, rallied for Mr. Isles as he made his debut in the political arena.

Mr. Isles, a former Leeward Islands Debater, addressed the constituents of St. George’s assuring them that Gingerland will never be left out of the development conversation under the NRP and “with me as your representative, Gingerland your equal opportunity will come under the NRP, Gingerland your economic prosperity is guaranteed under the NRP”.

“Friends, embrace the change you have been yearning for, join the movement, and ring in a Jericho kind of power to break down these walls of divisiveness and fear, disappointment and despondency, uselessness and under-representation.

Rally and vote with me and together let us watch change roll from the foothills of Rawlins to the windy plains of Hardtimes. From the sand kissed land of Indian Castle to the sweeping landscape of Hanley’s road. Let change reign in Clay Ghaut and Rices, among the Fothergills, and in the depths of Zion. To Matchmans Road and along Riverpath. Through every alley and to every family let there be an unyielding desire to change.”

Mr. Isles, who is from Barnes Ghaut in St. Thomas’ Parish said “many have asked why Gingerland, why not someplace easier? My simple answer is why not Gingerland. When President Kennedy was asked why he wanted to send a man to the moon, he said, because it is hard.

I am here to say to the people of Gingerland, Moses was not from Egypt but he led his people from bondage to the land of Israel. Martin Luther King was not from Alabama or Mississippi but that did not stop him from leading the struggle for civil rights for all black people in America. Sir Simeon Daniel was not from Gingerland, he was from Barnes Ghaut just like me but he fought like a true Gingerlander to secure a better life for the people of Gingerland. I promise you tonight that I am ready to fight and fight hard for you the good people of Gingerland.”

The former Youth Parliamentarian acknowledged the contribution made by past representatives and candidates in St. George’s such as Mr. Vance Amory, Mr. Ural Swanston, Mr. Miguel Mills, Mr. Cory Tyson, Mr. Bjorn Hanley and Nurse Patricia Hanley.

The NRP has officially named three of its four new candidates for the upcoming Nevis Island Assembly elections. NRP’s Deputy Leader, the Hon. Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds, who was officially launched in February 2020, is the Parliamentary Representative for Nevis 5 (St. Thomas’).

On Saturday, May 22, 2021, the NRP’s Political Leader, Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge, will be officially launched as the party’s candidate to contest the St. James seat for the approaching elections.

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