Sanjana Of Deane Glasford Primary Wins 2020 Primary School Elocution Competition

By: Staff Writer

Deane Glasford Primary School student, Sanjana Bhoojraj is the winner of the Ministry of Education’s 2020 Primary Schools Elocution Competition.

Sanjana beat out her closest competitor by 3 points. The 11 year old amassed a total of 47 points.

Taveah Williams of Newton Ground Primary places 2nd with 44 points while Maximique Isiah of Saddlers Primary School captured third place with a total of 43 points.

The competition which was held at the Antioch Baptist Church on Thursday October 8, formed part of the 37th Independence Anniversary Celebrations.

Students performed a dramatic piece dubbed “El Dorado” during competiton. El Dorado was written by Creighton Pencheon in 1989.

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