St Thomas’ Primary School Hosts Grand Reveal For Dec-A-Door Contest

By: T. Chapman

Teachers at the St. Thomas’ Primary School have received favourable feedback after pictures and videos of their decorated classroom/officespace doors surfaced online yesterday.

The initiative, Dec-A-Door is the brainchild of Education Officer responsible for St. Thomas’ Primary School, Mrs. Avril Elliott.

The contest saw staff decorating their respective classroom/office space doors at the school. Teachers were given time to come up with their designs which were displayed and judged on Monday.

Principal Smithen stated that:

Teachers have always decorated their doors, however not as flamboyant.

The main objective behind the initiative is to foster a child friendly environment. Decorating the doors create a welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to learning. The decor also helps to uplift the children.

Principal Smithen

The grand reveal on Monday, not only displayed teachers creativity, it highlights their dedication. The teachers went beyond the call of duty; some were even here on the weekend.

Principal Smithen

An excerpt of the post with the pictures on the school’s Facebook Handle, read as follows:

At our school we believe that a classroom environment that promotes creativity opens students to a world of communication. Students can make better conversation and stimulate innovative thinking.This also triggers group problem solving and shared learning that gives them a feeling of togetherness.

The winners will be announced shortly advised Principal Smithen.

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