By: T. Chapman

For the 4th consecutive year, Ultra Carnival won the Sugar Mas Troupe of the Year.

Scoring 642 points Ultra won by a 34 point margin over first timers Luxe Carnival, (608 points).

Ultra also captured the awards for Queen of the Band with 627 points, King of the Band, (600) and the Largest Troupe with 105 percent.

Newcomer Luxe Carnival captured the prize for first troupe to launch.

Other results were as follows:

Best J’ouvert Troupe

Red Devils X – 369.5 points

1st Runner Up – Grand Masters Addix : Don’t cut no style – 344 points

2nd Runner Up – Fantasy – 276 points

3rd Runner Up – Chattabox J’ouvert – 269.5 points

Best Small J’ouvert Troupe

Winner – The Real Jab Jab 2.0 – 393 points

1st Runner Up – X Poison – 348.5 points

Best Individual Mas

Winner – Romaine Belgrade – Best Lodging Goose – 418 points

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