Vaughn Anslyn to lead first 1st phase of Kenyan Mural Project

Photo Caption: Muralist for the Kenya Mural Project, Mr. Vaughn Anslyn and samples of his work

By: T. Chapman

Local Nevisian artist, Vaughn Anslyn, an accomplished painter mostly known for his murals and portrait paintings has been chosen as the muralist for the first phase of the Kenya Mural Project.

Travel Therapy Tours announced through their website that Anslyn will be the artist leading the 1st phase of their Kenyan Mural Project.

The release stated, “Vaughn Anslyn is a Caribbean artist from St Kitts & Nevis and will be leading a mural project with local youth which will pay tribute to their ancestors and matriarchs of the homestead”.

According to Travel Therapy Tours, the goal of this project is to preserve the family lineage of this homestead while increasing the knowledge of the local culture.

Further the project serves as a means of bringing awareness to the issues the Luo tribe faces.

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